Refrigerator Repair and Services

Services Prices
General refrigerator repair works
Single dor Rs.200 Visiting charge
Double dor Rs.300 Visiting charge
Refrigerator not cooling
Compressor change
Gas Rs.1200
Refrigerant refill Starts from Rs.1200
Condenser repair with gas refill Rs.2000
Evaporator fan motor change Rs.300 Visiting charge
Condenser fan motor change Rs.300 Visiting charge
Thermostat change Rs.800
PCB repair Rs.1400
Start relay and overload repair Rs.500
Refrigerator making noise
Fan blades Replace Rs.200
Compressor repair for vibration Rs.299
Ice not forming in Freezer
Refrigerant refill repair Starts from Rs.1200
Bio metal Replace Rs.449*
Thermostat problem Rs.849
Excess cooling inside refrigerator
Thermostat replace Starts from Rs.800-1400
Sensor replace Rs.599
Refrigerator leaking water Rs.300 Visiting Charge
Uncloging defrost drain Rs.299
Thermal fuse replace Rs.300
Defrost timer replace Rs.800
Thermostat heater replace Rs.700
Freezer is cold but refrigerator is warm Rs.300 Visiting Charge
Air damper valve repair Rs.799
Evaporator fan valve repair Rs.1100
Refrigerator water dispenser not working Rs.300 visitting charge
Refrigerator defrost problem Rs.300 Visiting charge
Defrost heater replace Rs.1100
Refrigerator not working Rs.299
Refrigerator Demo Rs.299
Refrigerator Installation
Direct Cool Rs.299
Frost Free Rs.549
Something else Rs.299 Services Charge
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